4 Popular Sporting Events Hosted in India

India has always been a great country for the sport lovers, as people here are engaged in various sports that are being played since a few decades. However, Hockey and Cricket, being the two most prominent sports in India, the later has gained much popularity compared to the former, which is the national sport of the India. With the increasing popularity of sports in India, events are being hosted every year, particularly for the sport lovers. Let’s have a look at the top sporting events, which has always been loved by the people of India.

· Indian Premier League (IPL):

The IPL is perhaps the most talked about sporting event, hosted in the country. With more than 60 matches being scheduled for 45 days, the IPL has evolved as a phenomenon, with times. Formed in 2008, with a proficient league of 20 teams and promoted by the Cricket Board (BCCI), the IPL Players are the second highest paid athletes across the globe. The IPL, an overexcited passion in India, is the first globally recognized sporting event, which has been broadcasted live on YouTube. Thus, you can envisage the popularity of the event.

· Snake Boat racing In Kerala:

The snake boat racing is a very popular event, designed and prepared throughout the year, where boats (120m long) and the rowers get together every year, during the festival of Onam. Spectators from various parts of the country visit the place and line up near the banks of the Punnamada Lake, for watching the crew of rowers accompanied with singers, racing through the stirring waves. The traditional sport event, which was first organized in the year 1952, for honoring the Prime Minister of Independent India, has been able to retain its recognition and popularity in the lands of India.

· Kila Raipur Sports event:

An event, which was started by the farmers and peasants for impressing maidens with their muscle power, gradually became an internationally recognized event in Kila Raipur, a small village near Ludhiana. Hosted in the month of February, more than 4 thousand people gather here every year, for taking part in the extremely popular rural Olympics. Spectators, from far and near, visit the place for enjoying the rustic athletics. The event has become so popular that even foreign teams come here to get trained and compete.

· Jallikattu ( an event hosted In Tamil Nadu):

Jallikattu is a bull taming traditional sporting event that is about 3,500 years old. The sport, which was previously known as “hugging the bull” event in ancient Tamil Nadu, is hosted during the festivals of Pongal, in January. People flock to the place to enjoy the event, where players chase down the bulls and snatch the money tied to the horns.

Whether it is a rustic sport like kabaddi or a modest game like cricket, the vibrancy and enthusiastic energy of India is always reflected in the sport events.

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